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Mass Wedding and A Day of National Protest September 21, 2017

Mass wed FVR gym Baguio

On this day, September 21, this mountain city hosted 33 couples to be unionized during its 23rd mass wedding ceremony. The qualified couples who were certified to be married was finally solemnized by the Mayor. The mass wedding is an institutionalized program of the City Government and the City Social Welfare and Development Office in celebration of the Family Month on September. Any interested couple of more than 25 years of age who have been living together for several years, those who forgot to follow-up their licenses and young couples who could not afford to pay the fees for legalization are given the chance to legalize their marriage through this wedding ceremony sponsored by the City Government.

In the neighboring municipalities, the mass wedding ceremony had long been practiced especially during its foundation day. The affair is offered to couples who were married on the traditional way in the community as witnessed by relatives, elder leaders and friends

Meanwhile, September 21, was  proclaimed by the President of the Republic of the Philippines as a national day of protest after various groups, including the political opposition and critics of the administration, announced planned mass actions to denounce extrajudicial killings, Mr. Duterte’s pronouncements on martial law and the Marcoses, and his administration’s anti-drugs campaign, among other issues.

On the anti-drug campaign of the  administration, I am for the instilling of good family values starting on the marriage day.

Educating every family on the ills of drugs and strengthening marriage and family is one program that will help the government solve the country’s drug problem.

They say,  it takes a community to raise a child. That may be the case, but it is proven that it takes a lot of solid, stable marriages to create a good community.




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