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Relaying the Cordillera Unity Gong

As of July 8, 2017, the Unity Gong Relay kicked-off in Benguet Province and passed to Mountain Province, Abra, Kalinga, Apayao, Ifugao, Baguio City then host Benguet and will revolve again.

The symbolic Unity Gong will be relayed around the provinces and city comprising the CAR by the delegates and officials of each province and city. The relay was included in 2012 in the celebration of the founding anniversary of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).

Ceremonies will be performed from its origin and to every arrival of the Unity Gong in each province and city where officials will take turns in beating the Unity Gong. Other relevant activities will include a brief program, annual tree planting, regional autonomy and the preservation of the Cordillera culture.

The relay starts one week before the Cordillera Day which is on the 15th day of July. It is a week-long celebration culminating the arrival of the gong in the host province.

The gong or gangsa is a common musical instrument used in traditional ceremonies and rituals by all of the indigenous groups in the Cordillera. It is used in wedding ceremonies, traditional gatherings like canao or festivals, thanksgiving and clan reunions where both young and old dance to the rhythm of gong’s vibrant sound.



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