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The Pacman Playing with Age

Manny Pacquiao, a Senator and boxer still has his name if not his punch. At age 38, he is still boxing and when the boxing begins, our roads are clear of traffic and the crime rate is down to zero in the back streets.

Last July 2, 2017, we watched the battle of Brisbane in Australia for the World Welterweight belt between Manny Pacquiao and challenger Jeff Horn. Before the match, there were predictions that Horn could not survive 12 rounds of boxing but he had other things in mind. Horn mixed it up and remained aggressive throughout the rounds then got the title.

Fighting in an opponent’s territory by not knocking out your opponent  is sometimes given the benefit for a draw or even the win. Manny Pacquiao was close to knocking out Horn on the ninth round but punched himself out and allowed Horn to come in the final rounds.

Pacquiao had been fighting too many ring wars for years and age is catching up. The way I see him, he can still fight for two more battles.

The battle in Brisbane was an upbeat fight. Both fighters were bloodied and battered. They kept fighting through head clashes and they refused to surrender until the final rounds with blood still flowing.

Many people around here still like to see Pacquiao fight and a rematch will again be exciting.

With results at Suncorp Stadium

Jeff Horn, Australia vs Manny Pacquiao, Philippines- Welterweight
Horn wins World Boxing Organization World Welterweight Title
Scoring: 117-111, 115-113, 115-113 Horn.

Referee: Mark Nelson
WBO Official: Francisco Valcarcel.

Pacquiao landed 182 punches, Horn 92 punches.



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