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Hospital Notre Dame de Lourdes, a Birthplace

Notre Dame de Lourdes Hospital, Gen. Luna Street, Baguio City


Born at this hospital, my loving mother as far as she  remembers told this story. During my birth, a Sister named Jane Frances, mother superior as was typed on my birth certificate was the person who prepared my birth certificate and I am lucky to have one in complete details. She was also there with other Sisters in assisting and providing the needed service.

Recording and preparing the details of birth certificates was one of the neglected duties of parents and health authorities during those times. The names of newly born babies were not prepared properly, names were just listed as baby boy or baby girl and the details were incomplete. When time comes that the child needs the birth certificate, most of their records were incomplete or even unavailable.

This hospital was one of the prominent establishment during the 1960’s. This building used to be a summer house of the Sisters of St. Paul in Baguio City.  In October 1, 1931, they converted it into a 40 bed hospital. It was rebuild and blessed on April 19, 1959, owned and operated by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres. It was closed in March 1991 after it was devastated by the earthquake in July 16, 1990 that rocked the City of Baguio. It was then deemed unsafe to operate as a hospital.

It was again blessed on September 27, 2003 and opened October 1, 2003. They started as Notre Dame De Chartres Diagnostic & Pastoral Center (NDCDPC). The center with its state of the art facilities operated to serve everyone and with the collaborative efforts of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres and the team of medical and allied professionals.



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