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Marching the Grand March Dance of Kapangan


On any occasions, like weddings, anniversaries, reunions, house blessings, graduations and on Christmas and New Year celebrations, the Grand March Dance is always performed in almost all the barangays of Kapangan. The grand march dance is accompanied by melodies of western and country music songs such as You Are My Sunshine, Red River Valley,  Ballad of the Green Berets, She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain, Oh Susannah,  and the like. In every community, there are always local singers and bands who are well versed with the grand march songs.

As of March 2017, the Municipal Council of Kapangan enacted an ordinance declaring the Grand Mach Dance as an Official Dance for the Municipality. The grand march dance is institutionalized for its preservation and continuity for the next generation to enhance. It is also a listed as one of the main attractions on cultural events and tourism activity.

This dance is significant to the people of Kapangan especially during the 2nd World War when the American soldiers, the Igorot Guerrillas and with the support of the civilians headed by Majors Bado Dangwa and Dennis Molintas who stayed in Camp Utopia, 66th Infantry Headquarters at Liteng, Sagubo, Kapangan defending their territory.

In a message received from their radio powered a micro hydroelectric from the high command,  the message was clear, they won the war. Thus. the American soldiers, the guerrillas, and civilian guides started marching the grand march dance.


The people in the community may all participate in this dance, young and old, in rubber shoes, boots, sleepers or barefoot. “Sala-sala Laeng, Awan Golo.”


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